Sunday, March 10, 2013


Before I start muttering a sharing of the photo for today following the challenge from FMSPHOTOADAY:
0310: I want ... magical glass slippers and my own tiara just like Lucia's slippers and crown.
Is there anything more satisfying than twirling through the day in a pretty dress, make-up and hair perfectly done, and everything perfectly styled down to the smallest detail ... ahhh ... the magic of childhood when everything is possible on a spring day filled with sunshine.
I set my mind and smile a greeting to the day (even though I've been robbed of 1 hour of sleep at precisly 2:00 AM - LOL) enjoying a leisurely latte and then treat myself to an unbelievably beautiful walk through the neighborhood chatting with friends along the way, slowing for Miso to enjoy her sniffs along the way, and gather photos of blue skies against fields of pristine white snow shining so brightly I wear sunnies to help shield my eyes.
And now for the "mutterings."  I say ... and you think ... ?
Align: the edges of the patches for more precise piecing
Collar: I can not stand for a collar to be up close around my neck; a cowl neck style is best.
Orphan: I'm on the search for more orphan blocks that will fit in with my Christmas Sampler
Block Exchange quilt.
Program: I'm excited about the upcoming quilt guild program ... a century's worth of quilts.
Waves: I used to have nightmares about tidal waves while I was growing up. Our house was
just over 200 yards from the water's edge on the southern Oregon coast.
Accident: I wonder how many accidents are REAL accidents in our daily lives. Do you think our
lives are pre-ordained by the fates?
Offices: expensive part of owning/running your own business
Corrupt: Corruption in government is rampant and sickening.
Tears: sometimes they flow seemingly for no reason at all; reasons that make sense ... in joy, in sorrow, in frustration ... and other times just because ??? I'm peeling an onion ??? LOL
Family: the best (and sometimes but not very often the worst) part of life
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