Sunday, January 6, 2013


I accepted a challenge to myself to take a photo each month of the same view ... from  the same place as a way of marking the passing of the seasons, and as a way of helping to savor the uniqueness of each of my days. I love all the variations of blues and lavenders in the sky. I'm always surprised by our weather here in MA ... so very cold and yet blessed with the amazing warmth of sunshine.
Another way I am savoring life is completing a weekly "what are you noticing" kind of journaling by responding to each of the single word prompts.
LOVING: having no where I have to be or go
ENJOYING: the quiet and solitude of the snow-covered landscape; perfect for much time of reflection and introspection before moving forward.
DRINKING: way too much orange juice; must switch to water
EATING: too few green veggies and greens; grrr ...
WEARING: yoga pants over my silk leggings, heavy socks, long sleeved shirt and a heavy sweater ... and I'm still cold
READING: just finished The Racketeer (J. Grisham) - a good read that keeps one guessing all the way through.
FEELING: good to be back into walking; Yeah treadmill - no ice there.
WEATHER: partly cloudy and 36 F today; had snow flurries overnight but nice most of today
WANTING: to stay up with my projects plans and goals this year.
NEEDING: a quick wasolution for organizing all my digi supplies
WISHING: the abover were possible - quick being the key word.
THINKING: of ways to integrate my projects.

What's happening in your world these days? I love the various "currently" prompts out there on the web as a quick way to stay in touch with  each other.  Send me a link in the comments to your "currently" post and I'll come check it out.
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